"My coffee date with PO2" or How to stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated?

I try to talk with our members as often as I can.  Recently I’ve been trying to understand, what keeps people motivated to stay with the program? Many of our users say they find the activities we offer both engaging and extremely helpful, and yet, sometimes they find themselves not coming back to the site as often as they want to be.

Our members seem to agree that one of the things they like about Power of Two is that it’s an on-going experience.  It’s not like they go to a one weekend marriage retreat, and then when they get back everything’s good for a month… before slowly drifting back to how things used to be.  With PO2 they feel like their marriage continues to get better and better as they learn, practice and review their skills over a long period of time.

One effective solution we’re finding to help people remember to visit the site, is for them to pro-actively schedule a short session with PO2 as if they were making a coffee date with a friend. It doesn’t matter as much if it’s twice a week or once a month. The important part is setting aside the time (many members seem to like 30 min), putting it in their calendar, setting reminders, and then showing up.

One final comment: many people find it much easier to just schedule one session at a time. And then when they finish that, schedule the next. Trying to say “every Tues at 8p” is a little too daunting, and too easy to just give up on when you miss the 2nd session.  By scheduling your next session after completing (or missing) your last session, you can ensure your picking a time that will work best in your schedule.

If anyone wants help setting their session times, send me an email at jacobh AT po2.com.  I’m running a little experiment where if you send me the next time you want to sit down, I’ll send you a calendar invite, and reminders to help keep you motivated.

Any other ideas about how you keep Power of Two a regular part of your life?

- Jacob

VP of Business Development


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